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There are many thoughts on what to do or say today, but 100% on the list should be thanks to people from many countries who help us all this hard year. We rarely talk about it only because our heads are still filled with a lot of worries. I am sure that when everything is over, all of Ukraine will hold events, open monuments, etc. in honor of the solidarity that the world showed by siding with Ukraine. For us, this is not the first struggle against Russia, but our ancestors did not have world support or it was only in words. In particular, I remember the UNR, which had a cool army, which, even in the minority, won battles and took back the occupied Lviv and Kyiv, but in the end they retreated due to lack of ammunition and other logistical problems. We could have found ourselves in such a situation, but this time the civilized world saw that we were one of them and that evil was hiding under their noses. Russians do not understand why other countries are ready to take risks and give their weapons (sometimes the last one) to protect common values. First of all, freedom. We live in the 21st century, and they still think like nomadic tribes of robbers. It was a long road to the recognition of Ukrainians and I still see some problems, but we are already on the way to great things. All that remains is to defeat and punish Russia. Thank you for being with us. Thank you for your money, humanitarian aid and shelter. Thank you for your weapons and patience, because winning a war is a long process. But you care and that’s important. I know this because during this year I communicated with citizens of Turkey, India, USA, Romania, Norway, Poland, Ghana, Philippines, Indonesia, Peru, Taiwan, Australia, Croatia, Argentina, Jamaica, Brazil, Uganda, Kenya, France, Hong Kong , Germany, Austria, Zimbabwe. It is important for me that the world not only hears Ukraine, but understands the situation correctly. Therefore, I want to continue to explain the historical context and situation. This will protect against the Russians, who will 100% continue to try to provoke us by telling lies. But our connection is already very strong and we are united by global values. Thanks again everyone.